Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Twisted or funny -- you decide!

For the most part, artist's and writers are a serious and introverted lot. It's a necessary prerequisite that allows us the needed time and space to create. But before you go all weepy on me, it's a good thing. Artists and writers have a sixth sense that ignites if the right conditions exist, and if our perceptions are working at full throttle. We can see the humor in the darkest hours, and suffering even in the midst of celebration. It's a gift.

I saw a picture of a roseate spoonbill flying in for a landing. They are such funny and interesting birds that my creative mind couldn't help but add a parasail to the mix. The spoonbill looks the same, but with the straps added. Now he's having fun like every other tourist on our Florida beaches.

Flamingoes have always tickled my fancy. They're not native to Florida except in parks and zoos. They are more common on the Miami side. Still people associate Florida with old people and pink plastic flamingoes that are rampant in gift shops and department stores everywhere.

My mind went wild on Valentine's Day drawing flamingoes in heart-shaped designs. Their long necks and curved bills were a natural. This crazy way of looking at life does produce some cute drawings and illustrations. I hope you will check out my Beach Bum collection at