Friday, January 21, 2011

Valentines Day is for Lovers

I’m a real softie when it comes to Valentine’s Day; maybe every woman is. If you’re forgotten, you feel unloved. Men shrug the day off easily. Then they can’t understand why their sweetheart or wife is hurt by this simple slight.

Valentine’s Day symbolizes all that’s romantic about love: hearts, flowers, cards, chocolates, negligees, etc. When a woman is forgotten or she receives a skillet or a blender, those tools define her place in her man’s life; unless, of course, she asked for those things in the first place.

Some women love to receive tools or appliances. They admire a solid man who stands by them in times of pain, difficulty and stress. In their view, a man like this is far more valuable than a bouquet of roses. Far better than a Mr. Romantic type who’s never there when she needs him.

What’s my point? You have to know your sweetheart or beloved in order to give an appropriate gift. But by all means, never let the day fly by unnoticed. Watching her friends (or his) receive presents, a night out, or a romantic get away while he (or she) sits home alone watching T.V. does not a strong relationship make!

In a former life, I never received these little acknowledgements of love on Valentines Day, even though it was also our anniversary. That’s why I was so touched by the beauty of the cards my current husband has given me over the past ten years. So much so, that I framed several of them. There were no elaborate gifts, but we did dine out. These little tokens of affection restore love and give meaning to life.

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