Saturday, November 26, 2011

Is There a God? Is Faith tangible? Can an Artist Reveal it?

We all want to feel fulfilled. We search endlessly for a life of joy and happiness. We begin this quest at birth, taking our first steps and exploring all avenues. At times we slip through the cracks; the slippery ways that wind into the dark places of the soul. We suffer, we feel pain, we change our route, our habits, our focus.

If we succeed, we explore the higher ways bathed in light and knowledge. We reach for all we can be. We stretch our thoughts and skills to capacity. If we persist, we truly do learn to fly.

“When I have come to the edge of all the light I know,
And I must step out onto the edge of darkness,
I must trust that one of two things will occur;
Either there will be something solid to stand on or
I will be taught to fly.” Patrick Overton

“Jump!” Joseph Campbell

For some people, jumping into the arms of a living, loving God is the answer. Their struggle, their reach for achievement becomes easier when they're bathed in the light of faith born from trust and relationship.

For others, it is a higher power fashioned in their own creation that allows their spiritual and creative imagination to soar. We all must find our own way in much the same way that smoke traverses upward toward its final destination in air and space.

“The courage to trust process means bellieving in magic, having a vision and following it, letting the imagination play, letting go of the controls…” Claudia Bepko and JoAnn Kreston “Singing at the Top of Our Lungs"

That’s what I’m trying to do now. I’m trying to stretch, to go beyond my knowledge and skill to create something new and different. I’m forging ahead with a belief that I will achieve my goal.

Currently I’m trying to create character and personality. I’ve been drawing faces from my imagination; faces expressing different moods and emotions. My goal is to create a unique and original character. I hope I will find her out there somewhere. I’m sharing some of my doodles and sketches with you. Capturing emotion in a drawing or portrait brings me joy. And sometimes in my search for what I want, I end up with something totally unexpected!

"Broken Hearted" -- Pastel Drawing

 “After all,we cannot know what we are going to express. What is really creative is bound to be a surprise because it is something we couldn’t have thought of. This is the thing we resist the most. We want to know where we are going, why we’re doing it, and what it is going to give us. We want to know it all. To be creative means becoming more familiar with being a little lost. If we are always full of what we want to do, there is no room for the new." Michell Cassou, Artist, “Life, Paint & Passion”