Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Are the Values of Honor and Integrity Lost?

"Insett Kirke" Norway

The news media hammers us with negative news 24/7. We are bombarded by seductive ads, sleazy commercials, and tales of woe. Crime, including murder, happens every day in our communities. Nothing is sacred. Nothing is safe.

What does this have to do with art? Even though most artists make a small pittance for their work and for the hours put in, rather than pay for their work, it is being copied and reproduced for free. In our digital age, ripping someone off is easy. First it was downloading music and now it is artwork.

You see it everywhere: Dishonesty in the work place; theft in the marketplace; even our neighborhoods are unsafe. We are being assaulted by our own decay. The firm handshake of the past when a man’s word was his bond is gone. That scenario has been replaced by empty promises and contracts that can be broken with a wink of an eye or the point of a pen.

"Moody Blues"

What has happened to us? Have we turned off our conscience so many times that we no longer hear it? Have we lost our moral compass? Do we think because no one sees us our actions are all right? Have we lost our way – our belief in God?

And why is it nobody wants to talk about God? Is God “unfashionable” and so uncool that we’re ashamed to be a believer? Do we disregard God so much that his laws and commandments seem “old fashioned” and out of date? Have we turned our creator into a legend, a being of fantasy that we turn to only in the proverbial “fox hole?”

"India Rising -- Prince of Thieves"

If ever the world needed a God it would be today. We have lost our way in a world that shouts about “rights” and pursues their dreams even if it means stepping on someone else. We think nothing of destroying someone else’s character in the name of humor or politics as long as it boosts our ratings or success.

In a disaster such as flood, fire ants cling together. Microscopic hairs on their body trap air bubbles and make them float. They form huge living rafts. Alone they would die, but together they stay afloat and survive the raging waters.

"India Rising -- the Found"

In order to preserve goodness and integrity in our world, we need honest and upright individuals to “stick together” and form groups, and communities, and citizens who are willing to preserve what is good. We need people to stand together and fight this assault on our property, our lives, and our survival. Let it be me! Let it be you!