Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Don't tell me it's February -- I only blinked!

Forgive the lateness of this blog. We’re getting our home ready for sale, which has included a new roof (finished yesterday), a new paint job that demanded a power wash and couldn’t be done until the tiles were on the roof; so one delay after another.

We’re also “staging” the inside of our villa and removing clutter, extra furniture, and photographs and paintings from the walls. Patching and repainting means that what comes down must be boxed away in the garage.

I’d forgotten that moving requires several months to complete on both ends. I haven’t been able to do any artwork; in fact, most of my tools have been packed away already. By the time I get to writing on my blogs, I’m either too tired or I’ve lost my ability to focus. If you bear with me, I’ll start up again after everything is finished.

Meanwhile, I thought you might enjoy some photos I took from our office window. A “Great Egret,” part of the Heron family and probably only a year or two old, came sauntering down our front walk-way looking for its evening meal.

Lizards were the main dish. I could tell, because every few steps, the egret would stop and freeze to appear invisible. After a few minutes, he’d relieve his neck by swaying it back and forth, and then take a few steps before again freezing into position. All the while, his eyes were keenly watching for a lizard to move.

The reptiles were as smart as their prey. As soon as the egret gave up and walked away, they came out of hiding. We will miss living in our Tropical paradise.

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