Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Jack's Roses," Completed!

"Jack's Roses," the painting I started on this blog, is finished! Since my last posting, I added some sprigs of fern and a red bud to complement the red rose in the center. I'm not 100% satisfied, but I definitely will paint more roses. The painting was challenging, but rewarding. What did I learn about painting roses? That to do a good job takes practice, practice, practice!


Gateway Artists held their first social get together on Tuesday evening. It gave all of us a chance to chat apart from painting, and to meet spouses and significant others. The company and the food was outstanding. The next day at our group's regular painting session, there was a new sense of mission and purpose. We have added new members, and the social event helped unify and bond our friendships.


The May Event at Gateway Golf and Country Club is on schedule. I had lamented that this opportunity came after "season" was over, but it turns out they are having an Open House on May 1st, so there may be more traffic, after all. I will display a few of my paintings through the entire month of May, plus a bio, business cards, and sample sheet of my portfolio .