Sunday, September 5, 2010

Compromise is a Good Thing

I wanted to get this painting up and running on Friday, but it was more complicated than that. In the process of “catching up” after my vacation, I discovered some unresolved issues at my church where I’m a web master.

To make a long story short, I spent hours on the phone on two different days, only to discover a much needed program had expired. In the meantime, in my absence a logon password had been accidently corrupted, and we had to get a new one with resultant changes in our domain server.

Anyway, details aside, I refused to “rush the brush,” and so my blog is late. With all that’s on your agenda this weekend, perhaps you won’t mind.

When my mixed media painting was finished, I realized I had no shadows of the figures coming from the direction of my light source. I debated with myself over that for a long time. Did I really want to smear shadow over those wonderful checkerboard floors? But then again, it would provide me with a better spot for a visible signature.

This piece is the third mixed media painting in my “Roaring Twenties” series. I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I have enjoyed painting them.

Getting back to acrylics and drawing was a refreshing change from my usual oil paintings. I had more freedom, I could experiment and I had a great time! It also worked well with my busy travel schedule over the past several weeks.

I have some exciting ventures coming up. In conjunction with Gateway Artists, I will begin displaying at Mervil Design Center in Naples starting in October. Mervil is a new art gallery marketing to the interior design trade, serving more than 300 affiliated design professionals. I will have three paintings on display every three months

I also have membership with the Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs, and will begin a portrait refresher course in October under the tutelage of Richard Kirk artist and author of “Painting a Portrait.”

Next week I’ll return to my “With These Hands” series and complete my oil painting of “Hope.”

(Featured covers are by John Held, Jr. discussed in an earlier blog.)

Today’s mixed media painting is titled: “Shimmy-Shake.” You may also see it on Facebook at AnfinsenArt and on my web gallery at