Saturday, September 11, 2010

“With These Hands—Hope”

Hope is a bird flying on the upward thrust of a ball. Will the thud of pigskin on metal send the ball hurling outward in a disappointing loss? Will the ball circle the rim and teeter on the brink of success or failure? Or will a triumphant swoosh signal a clear shot?

This is the third painting in my “With These Hands” series, titled “Hope.” The young basketball player is transfixed, and everyone’s eyes seem to galvanize on the moment. The clock is ticking; her team members play defense and wait. The fans cheer in anticipation. She’s focused. Half-whispered prayers rise upward moistening the eyes and the palms.

At that moment, the wheels of motion grind to a halt. In her mind’s eye, everything is happening in slow motion. In reality, she knows that decisions are made in a split second. She knows that accuracy is predetermined by hours of practice doing hoop shots in countless layups on court and at home pounding the driveway until bedtime. She’s ready. Will hope bring fulfillment?

Have I captured this scenario on canvas? To refresh your memory, here is the painting from conception through subsequent layers of paint. As I told you on a previous blog, the paint itself comes from the earth, and there is give and take between the artist’s imagination and the tools and materials he or she chooses to work with.

A painting truly does have a life of its own. I felt the vibrancy of this young girl from the start. I wanted to breathe life into her and be the instrument in sharing her dreams and hopes with you. If you enjoyed this painting, I am pleased.

The painting will also be posted on my online gallery at where you may purchase prints, giclees, or cards with a click of your mouse. How easy is that!