Saturday, August 13, 2011

NEW Painting in the Works

The Original "cropped" Photo.

I enjoyed painting the homeless boy from India; the one where the crows, the  "harbingers of death," were taking him into the “next life.”

I wanted to do another painting, and so begins a new series. The first painting was called "The Lost." This new painting will be called: "The Found"

A group of women in their colorful clothes are meeting in a hidden corner of a street; not to gossip or to shop, but to pray. I hope I can capture their feelings and countenance.

Christians are few in India and many must quietly seek each other out, and find places to worship. Hopefully this will change as time goes on. India is an interesting culture. The people are beautiful and intelligent. Their country is vivid and alive with color and activity. I hope this is not the last painting I do of this beautiful country. I have friends there who often share their stories and photos with me.

Acrylic Burnt Umber Brush Drawing

First Acrylic Underpainting

I'm including the painting "The Lost" being the first in the series so you may see where I'm headed. At this point in time, I don't know how many other paintings there will be. Normally, I have at least three paintings in a series.

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