Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Painting is Only Part of an Artist’s Work

Color, brushwork, empty canvases waiting for a splash of paint, and inspiration; these are the basic elements of painting. What happens after that determines the success or failure of the artist.

Lucky Lady

In order to sell, to be seen, to attract buyers, an artist must also excel at marketing, social networking, making connections in the community, and pricing. Serious questions that demand accurate answers:

And All That Jazz

1. What does a 16x20 acrylic or oil go for in the marketplace?

2. How much less should I price my work until my name and style become known?

3. I’ve heard that ½ the price of someone better known is a guide. But if I start too low in the beginning, will my artwork appear cheap?

4. I want to have high expectations, but what if I price myself out of the market before I even get started?

Shimmy Shake

Like walking a tightrope, an artist must balance his or her time, balance the budget, balance the time spent painting and the amount of money involved in the finished product all while keeping an eye on the competition.

Vamp on a Ramp

Getting your work out there is key. Advertising, showing your wares, networking, and getting to know as many vendors as possible. I have recently joined RedBubble at the following link:

That's my Baby

I have also joined Arts for Act Gallery in downtown Fort Myers. Please view my profile and artwork: