Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Reason for the Season

It’s hard to believe that Fall is just around the corner. I’m always making big plans to design new Christmas cards and artwork for Halloween and Thanksgiving, but I never quite jump in soon enough.

My new pastels are still awaiting their first swipe on a clean slate. I didn’t add any new drawings to my repertoire as planned, and here I am at the peak of a new holiday Season without “fresh meat.”

I’ve been spending some time on my “India Rising” series, and battling migraine headaches at the same time. Perhaps I am allergic to the Liquin, turpenoid and oils I use?

I have two large 24x30 canvases and I haven’t decided what to fill them with. I’m also working on a drawing that I hope to use some pastel color on. We’ll see what happens.

Today, I’m going with an artist friend, Annie, to see her show at “Arts for Act” Gallery. My show has not been scheduled as yet. If you go to and find the artists, you can see my profile at the bottom of the list. I’m a newcomer there, so my name is last. We’re also going to do some gallery hopping and take some photos downtown hoping for some urban scenes that will inspire and motivate.

I will soon become a member of the Alliance for the Arts through my membership with the PanAmerican Alliance. This will provide additional opportunities for entering juried shows and participating in other community venues.

As Fall turns the corner and ebbs into the holiday season, don’t forget that artwork makes a wonderful gift. Greeting cards, prints, wrapped canvases and giclees are all available at affordable prices @