Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Letting go, experimenting, and discovery

Today I attended an online seminar by Lisa L. Cyr, artist and author of several books, including her latest “Experimental Painting;” a book I purchased a few days ago. The book and class inspired me, and I’m eager to take some of my old canvases and repaint them using some of her techniques. Lisa has a blog at

India Rising Series -- The Found

I’m also showing the completed painting from my new India Rising Series “the Found.” I’ve included some preliminary stages to refresh your memory. I had always envisioned adding doves to represent the spirit of light flowing out of the women’s prayers. Some in my art group said: “I don’t think so,” or “I don’t know about doves.”

I’m a rebel of sorts, and once I get an idea in my head, I can’t get it out. When I discovered an Indian bride and groom online and learned about their traditions, it was a clincher. Part of the wedding ceremony in many Indian marriages includes the opening of a basket containing two doves. When the basket is opened, and the doves fly out and away, it is believed that the couple will be blessed with many years of peace.

That is exactly the message I wanted to portray in this painting. The women are “found” through their faith and blessed with “peace” and light. So the doves stay!

The next painting in my India Rising Series is called “Prince of Thieves.” This painting portrays the street children of India and how they survive. Perhaps this series will draw attention not only to India’s colorful history and beauty, and their rising status in the world, but will also highlight the plight of those who are less fortunate and need our compassion and help.

I lamented a few blogs ago that I’d failed to meet my goals for summer: more drawings and some experimentation with pastels. The “in progress” drawing below is done with charcoal and pastels. I call it: “Sareena Shines” a triumphant moment in Sareena Williams’ life as she wins at Wimbledon. At this point, I can see that I need to make adjustments to Sareen's right arm.

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