Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oh, That I had a Crystal Ball or a Genie in a Bottle

"Sand Crane Dreams" -- Oil on canvas

I shopped for groceries today. Several items I normally buy had shrunk, literally; going from one pound to 13 ounces, in some cases, plus the boxes and packages were smaller. Even cans had decreased from 12 oz. to 11 or from eight oz. to six.

When I checked out my items, the cashier tried to hit me up for another contribution; a good cause, of course, but please! I felt like saying “I’ll leave that to the fat cats,” but I didn’t.

"Anhinga in Paradise" -- Watercolor / framed

Producers, manufacturers, and especially Wall Street seem to have gotten terribly greedy of late. If an artist, a writer or a small business raised their prices that steeply that often, nobody would buy. Even now, people seem to expect more for less, including more profits which is why they have to disguise those changes in weight and substance through smart packaging. Where will this lead and how will it end?

Makes you wish for a crystal ball. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what to choose and what to buy to keep more money in your pocket? It’s impossible to outsmart Wall Street. Even Romney, who is supposed to be “squeaky” clean has millions of dollars invested overseas; the Cayman Islands, Swiss banks, etc. Why? To avoid the taxes that you and I must pay. He’s a Wall Street guy first and foremost, and has made billions at the expense of others.

It’s so easy to point the finger at someone else rather than take responsibility for your own actions. It’s all right to line your own pockets, but let anyone else try to do it and the profiteers cry foul. Okay so I’ve got election jitters and I’m venting my wrath. But only two States have voted in a Primary, and the powers that be are ready to declare a candidate, discounting the votes and desires of the other 54 States.

"Americana" -- acrylic on canvas

They shoved McCain down Republican’s throats last year and now they want to shove Romney down our collective craws this election cycle. Whatever happened to the “people’s choice?” Whatever happened to the America I know and love.