Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Enjoy What You do and Success Will Follow

Do you believe the above statement? Do you truly believe that if you have a passion for your work, if you enjoy doing what you’re doing that success will follow? If you don’t, then perhaps you should change course. Why? Because enthusiasm shows. Passion resonates. Enjoyment promotes health, longevity and determination.

With These Hands -- Wonder

Let’s face it. If you’re work has become a drag, something’s wrong. You need a new angle, a fresh perspective. Try something new, even if it’s short term. When you come back to what you’re doing, you may see things differently.

We all need to take a break once in awhile to recharge our emotional and spiritual batteries. It might be as simple as going to a movie, reading a good book, or exercising. Yup, that old demon exercise gets your cells producing, returns health to your body, rejuvenates your soul, and gets your blood flowing.

With These Hands -- Hope

Christian churches talk about the blood, the saving blood of Jesus Christ. I firmly believe a long healthy life depends upon the blood. Every organ and cell in your body requires nourishment pumped by the blood. As we age, our blood transport system slows down and may get clogged up with plaque and fat. Without blood to renew us, vitality diminishes and cells wither. Exercise, especially walking briskly each day, keeps the blood pumping.

I have osteoarthritis. When I get up in the morning, my feet and legs are stiff and I feel three times my age. Even though it’s painful, I take my morning walk. The first block or two seem sooo long. My limbs bark at me, begging me to quit. But I know from experience, that if I keep on trucking, in another ten minutes, I’ll feel young again.

With These Hands -- Love

Why is an artist blogging about exercise? Because everything on this earth benefits from exercise or practice. Repetition builds either good habits or bad. If you repeat good habits long enough, success is sure to follow. I must “practice” my artwork each day or lose touch with the motivation and knowledge that inspires me. I may even forget what I learned yesterday or the day before and have to relearn it. Persistence, practice and follow through pay off!

When the blood flows through your body, you may have a break through, and what you’re doing may give your life new meaning. You may not have a “come to Jesus” moment, but you may have a physical and spiritual rebirth through practice, determination, and hard work.

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