Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What if you could have anything you wanted in the World?

Photo - from contact in Uganda (Nile River)

If you could choose anything you wanted, what would it be? To the cancer ridden person, it would be health. To someone who recently lost their job, it would be employment. To a widow, it would be comfort and peace of mind.

We all have different wants and needs. What we choose at any given moment has more to do with what’s going on in our life than anything else. Many people long for and wish for money or material wealth; but when obtaining the prize, some become practical, thinking of paying off debt, helping to pay for a loved one’s medical needs, or saving for the future. They use common sense and good judgment.

Drawing & under painting on 22x28 canvas

Others sacrifice integrity and honor to get what they want, either by pushing others aside or by stealing and cheating to reach their goal. The happiness they seek is a delusion. They end up looking over their shoulder and living on the edge of fear, never feeling the gladness they expected.

Wish lists and dreams motivate us and keep us going, but the actual prize seldom brings the happiness we expect. Satisfaction and joy in life usually come from our own efforts. Sweat and hard work are good for us. When you mop your brow after a strenuous workout, you know you’ve given it your best. When rewarded for effort, you know that your hard work was not in vain.

Beach Buddies II

I’ve made it a habit to compete with myself; always trying to accomplish something better than before. If I feel I’ve succeeded, I’m happy. This kind of happiness doesn’t come from applause, rewards or money, it comes from within.

Internal gratification lasts long after the money has been spent or the awards are buried in a drawer. It is the feeling of knowing that you’ve done your best with the gifts that have been given you. It is your own personal reward for being true to yourself. So pat yourself on the back and be grateful for life’s blessings!

Beach Buddies

The paintings in this blog include a photo scene from a friend in Uganda that I will title: “Sunset on the Nile.” I’ve included a photo and my first drawing in acrylic on a 22x28 canvas. I’ve also included “Beach Buddies II” a revised canvas. The overly big wave in the first version (“Beach Buddies”) threatened to capsize the boys, and I chose to revise what I could. Your comments are welcome.