Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks Strengthens Family, Faith, and Patriotism

"Americana" acrylic

Thanksgiving is a good time to reflect on the purpose of our life and to focus on the things that matter most. When we’re caught up in the rush of life and the stress of the daily grind, we forget how lucky we are to live in a “land of plenty;” a land of opportunity and freedom.

A Japanese immigrant and entrepreneur once said: “If you can’t make it in America, you can’t make it anywhere.” He indicated that all you have to do is have a dream, and be able to work hard.
"Sand Crane Dreams" 18x24 mixed media
We may wonder what has happened to that dream as we look at the state of the nation. People expect things. They want government assistance and government handouts. The things we used to work for in my generation are now expected as “rights.” Lady Liberty is bankrupt and weary. She has sheltered so many “tired and poor” that her coffers are empty; her debt is escalating beyond reason.

In a decade, will we be owned by China or the Muslim world? Will our sanctuaries and hallowed places be desolate or overrun? Must Israel experience another Holocaust at the expense of another tyrant before America recognizes how close she has come to losing all she fought for in the beginning?

"With These Hands -- Wonder" 16x20 OIL on acrylic underpainting
Take time this Thanksgiving Day to thank God for your blessings. Recognize your dependence on him and ask for forgiveness for neglecting the principles that made America great. If you can’t, then America will reap what she has sown. We have become a slothful and a sinful Nation. It will be God’s wrath not “global warming” that will destroy us. Greed, pride and arrogance will be our downfall.

Forgive me for waxing my deep felt concerns for our Nation. This Thanksgiving I hope we all pray: “God Bless the United States of America.”

"India Rising -- the Found"  18x24 OIL on acrylic underpainting
For my friends in other lands and countries across the globe: Be grateful for your blessings. The God of us all is a loving God, easy to forgive, eager to bless.

Featured Artist;
My friend, Heidi Nadon, a Canadian water colorist: 
“There are two teachers who influenced me greatly,” Heidi said. “Both are watercolor instructors. The first, David McKee, was responsible for instilling my particular preference for the medium and for encouraging me to pursue my interest in painting; the second, Art Cunanan, taught me how to paint loosely as well as how to paint in acrylic. I admire both artists' teaching style: encouraging me with their critiques, and inspiring me with their demonstrations.”

"Red Canopies" by Heidi Nadon