Saturday, March 2, 2013

Open the Window of Your Soul – Read a Good Book!

"An Open Book" 16 x 20 mixed media canvas SOLD

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately. I’m especially fond of non-fiction books and historical fiction. But when I’m tired, overworked, and my creative juices feel the need of refreshment, I turn to fiction.

I missed “Hunger Games” on the movie screen. I wasn’t too fond of youth pitted against each other for survival and killing their peers to stay alive. I thought it might be another horror film for teenagers.

With my handy dandy Kindle, I downloaded the first book. I must admit it was a wild ride. The book is well written and I could hardly put it down; definitely not conducive to painting my daily quota. I recently downloaded book II, “Catching Fire” and book III, Mockingjay.

At the same time, I was reading a book by Octavia E. Butler called “Parable of the Sower.” All of these books are considered Science Fiction, but they mirror the degeneration of society and what happens when government becomes tyrannical and parcels out freedom and money in order to punish and control the populace. The parallels at what’s happening in Europe, i.e. Spain, Greece, Egypt, Syria, Sudan and Somalia, etc. are frightening. This could happen in our own Country if the foundation, the structure of the Constitution and the government are destroyed from within.

 I normally have two or three books going at a time. When I had my three-level townhouse, I had a book on every floor. I’d pick up whichever book was there and continue where I’d left off. On one floor, I even had some Opera CDs I’d checked out of the library. I would read the English script while I listened to the music. I not only learned a lot about opera, I loved the ribald humor, the comedy, and the innuendo.

In addition to taking art classes, I studied art at home in much the same way. If you were to tell me you either didn’t have time, money, or the support to get an education or to learn a skill, I’d ask you if you ever visited your Public Library?

Instead of whimpering about missing out on life, or being denied an opportunity to get ahead, look within. You can climb as far and as high as you are willing and your brain is able to take you. It’s all about determination, persistence, and desire. If your desires are in the wrong place, turn your life around. Get help! You can do it. Believe in yourself. Believe in the God who lives within you.

Books have the power to change lives. Read your way to success. The illustrations in this blog were used in the book: “Inez Ibis Flies again; the Story of a Courageous Ibis who never gave up.” See miniature book link on this page.