Sunday, April 7, 2013

Are you Cynical or just Realistic? Consumed by Negative Thinking, or just Practical?

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I've prided myself on being an optimist most of my life. But when my husband confronted me yesterday, I wondered.

"Cascade has a new dishwasher soap guaranteed to take out water spots," he said, with a hopeful look in his eye. "We should try it!"

"Right," I said. "You know, what that really means is a new package, a smaller size, and a higher price."

"You're so cynical," he chided. "Where's your faith?"

"I'm a realist," I answered. "I see evidence on the grocery shelves. We're paying more all the time and getting less. New product simply means that change is afoot."

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We remained at odds on this one. My husband has led a sheltered life, lived in the same place (until he met me) and is not only trustworthy, but perhaps too trusting.

I, on the other hand, have lived in many different states, traveled widely, and have learned from the "School of Hard Knocks" to be less trusting and less gullible than I used to be. I'm keenly aware of the many pitfalls in the game of life.

As a friend warned me many years ago: "Carol, there is evil in the world. Not everyone is good, trusting, and helpful."
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My religious background and Christian faith declared that "the worth of souls is great in the sight of God." I truly believe that everyone has worth and value. I've always been color blind, disability blind, and culturally blind. I've fought to defend those beliefs sometimes with caution to the wind.

But "truth and reason" are wonderful teachers. Yes, there is evil in the world, and some people will do anything for sex or money. Do I trust advertisers? A resounding, no! Do I trust anyone to give me advice or truth? No! Do I still give people the benefit of the doubt? Yes, I still do. I am still a "cockeyed optimist" at heart. I still believe that people are essentially good (until they prove me wrong).

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Today, I'm more aware of the red flags of warning. Today, I trust my gut instincts, and I trust in God's will implicitly. If it feels wrong or if I'm uncomfortable, I accept that as a warning to exercise caution or to flee. I accept the fact that not everyone is honest or has my best interests in mind. Trust is not something you give away. Trust must be earned!

Doggone it, I wish the world were a safer, better place in which to live; but sadly, it's all we've got. So as they say in Florida, "You take care, ya' all!"

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