Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Joy of Creating Something you Love

"The Dance" 9x12 Pastel on Bristol
Whether it’s an article, a work of art, or a product, we can all relate to that feeling of pleasure and accomplishment that creation brings. Something of ourselves enriches the finished work and adds a sparkle of originality and freshness.

That’s why we keep doing what we’re doing. We want to repeat that feeling. We have something inside of us that will burst unless we share it. The more spontaneous and responsive we can be to whatever it is that drives us, the more authentic our voice becomes. Soon, our offerings are recognizable. Each new creation has our signature.

"Sand Crane Dreams" 18x28 mixed media on canvas
It takes years of craftsmanship to reach that level and a stiff upper lip and spine to get beyond the barrage of negative feedback we may encounter. If our style veers from the current norms, we are open to criticism. Some people “won’t get us.” Others are quick to criticize saying we have gone too far outside the box or outside the lines of accepted behavior. But we keep on doing what we’re doing, even though at times we weep inside.

Andy Warhol did. Picasso did too. Many, many others have tuned out the voices and listened to their own unique beat, going beyond the limits, knowing they were open to criticism but doing what their inner voice demanded anyway.

"With These Hands -- Hope" 16x20 mixed media on canvas
It takes courage to pursue our dreams when all we get is criticism. A few encouraging words can send us soaring, and keep us going for weeks at a time. When the darkness descends, review every accolade you’ve ever received, every accomplishment, every fine thing you’ve ever done in pursuit of your goals. Treasure these thoughts like gold. Bury them in your heart and cherish the memories.

Some day you will rise again. Something will click. New determination will descend from the heavens. Your star will shine and pull you from your pity party into new heights of achievement.

Fellow creators are cheering you on. Our united voices will pull you from the ashes of self defeat and give you the push you need to face exposure and criticism once again. Never give up. “The best is yet to come!”