Saturday, July 27, 2013

What’s your Trade-Off – Tropical Weather or Rain and Snow?

I’ve lived in Florida for almost 10 years and this is the hottest muggiest summer I remember. I’m told it’s not by my husband, who says from his air conditioned chair that they’re all hot! Maybe he’s right.

I spent my day battling traffic to and from the Southwest Florida Cooperative Gallery at Coconut Point. My volunteer day fell on a sweltering Saturday in July. On my lunch break, I did some much needed shopping and became wilted and wet in my travels on foot from store to store.

I am also light sensitive and the sunshine, and the bright gallery lights required two Maxalt pills to get me through the day. In spite of that, I love being at the gallery. I enjoy talking to other artists, and I like being surrounded by high-caliber artwork. I’m honored to have three of my paintings hanging with the best of them.

I hope you enjoy a sampling of the paintings and the 3-D artwork on display. Although not one sale was made, we had about 60 people come through to browse and appreciate our spectacular gallery. About one-third of the visitors were artists new to the area who want to be part of the art scene in Southwest Florida.

Sales are slow in the heat of summer. Even the Farmer’s Market, the Nurseries and side-walk vendors have closed up shop. Our hot summers are the trade-off to our delightful winters. In summer, Floridians spend quiet times at the beach and enjoy their pools for cooling off. We read books in the summer the way Northerners do in winter.

I spent two winters in Seattle a few years ago. Instead of snow they had pouring rain and gray skies for months on end. But their six months of summer were moderate and delightful. Wherever you live there are trade-offs. Choose the one you are most comfortable with and your life will move forward on a pleasant and even keel.

Today at the gallery, two artists worked on their projects which attracted many onlookers. One was gluing mango twigs to prepainted canvases for a natural frame, and the other was using cane strands to create beautiful wood ware vases. The cane was placed over a glass or pottery vase that made them both functional and beautiful.

The gallery serves as a museum of sorts for many people who love to come in and just soak up the culture. Parents love to expose their children to art and are especially pleased when there are demonstrating artists. Ya’all come down and see us sometime. You’ll be glad you did!