Monday, June 8, 2015

Home is Where the Heart is and the Twins Baseball Team!

(Son-in-law's beautiful backyard)
I told you I was heading for Northern climes, and here we are in Minnesota waiting for my husband’s first Great Grandson’s birth. 

The temperature’s are in the 80s with blue skies. Thrilled and delighted to be here. As a result, there’s not much going on in my art life except some incredible photos and “would be” paintings. I hope you enjoy!

Here is Katie with her soon-to-be-born son.

This is "Clarke" an Australian Collie with Katie.

I took some photos while I played with Clarke until the others returned. He's an absolute doll!
"I'll be really good if you give me a taste."

"Oh, come on -- I'm begging here!"

"See how patient I am?"

Tomorrow night we're going to a Twins game and so looking forward to it! There's nothing like an outdoor baseball game in the new stadium!

See the weather isn't too shabby in Minnesota, especially in June. 

On Thursday, we're heading out for Seattle to see my oldest daughter and her family whom I haven't seen in 6-7 years. So many new kiddies to hug.

Here are some additional photos of "potential" paintings. Although I must do a painting of Clarke (above) who captured my heart.
My next blog will be written from Seattle with some brand new scenes. Stay tuned!
(Another scene from son-in-law's backyard)
"Begonia's in a planter"