Wednesday, July 29, 2015

How Far are you willing to go?

Most people, including you, have an internal guide to keep them from doing something they’ll regret. Some call it “conscience.” But what happens when these safeguards snap? Could you, would you follow a dangerous path or engage in a lawless immoral act?

All over the country sad individuals are exploding into evil extensions of themselves. Rather than denying impulsive or outlandish thoughts, they are giving into unbridled passion and letting it play out without weighing the consequences.

Imagination becomes so real that they get caught up in the excitement of the moment. Sane people control their thoughts. Insanity indulges lawlessness and danger without regard to conscience or societal pressure. There are no red flags or warnings to protect them from wrongdoing. They have completely crossed over from reality to depravity.

Half the population thinks that stricter gun laws or banning guns altogether is the answer. The other half says “guns don’t kill people, people do,” as if the guns are blameless. However, the first thing a runaway government does is to take control of and remove the only means of self-protection the citizenry have. That’s why “the right to bear arms” is in the Constitution.

While the “people” and their elected leaders fight over this principle, the rest of us wait in fear for an answer. Some will decide to buy and carry before the privilege is lost, while others hang back in fear waiting for some crazy to “strike again.”

Artists are engaging in the battle through posters, political cartoons, illustrations and commentary aimed at one side or the other. But these campaigns don’t take into consideration that these “variations on a theme” are in complete opposition to the Constitution. We need to take a closer look at why these gun incidents are happening, who is committing the atrocities and where?

Most of the shootings have occurred in “gun free” zones. The shooter knew that there would be no opposition to his attack and no other guns on the scene, at least until the police arrived. Many of the shooters had a history of mental illness. And some of them were jihadists converted by Isis online.

All of these people managed to obtain guns anyway; some through illegal means and others through regular channels and “quickie” permits with careless background checks.

Most of these shooters were seeking recognition. They got noticed, all right, but it may not have been the kind of attention they were seeking.