Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Thrifty Aftists are Thinking Outside the Box and Reducing Costs!

(Might be messy, but it's easy clean-up and safe for toddlers --
They can even taste as they go!)
If you want to know how the economy is really doing, take a look at how artists are surviving in a climate where the buyer's focus is on necessities.

Giulia Bernardelli from Italy paints with food: the ice cream that drips from a cone is used to create mini portraits; coffee is splashed onto a sheet of paper or a canvas and imagination visualizes the scene hidden within the brown watercolor. Preconceived notions are cast aside as the artist tries to see what is there. These inexpensive materials are bringing Bernardelli recognition for the artwork’s unusual and entertaining qualities.

David Zinn, a Michigan artist is using chalk on the sidewalks and construction sites of the city to draw attention to his artwork. Of course, the weather could wash his drawings away, but he seems not to worry. Residents look forward to seeing his comic scenes and they will remember who he is. If you haven’t seen his work, you’re in for a treat:

Creation David Zinn
David Zinn is an artist from Michigan. He runs around all day 
in the streets of Ann Arbor,  with street construction, cracks, 
etc. on the road with chalk to create a lot of street fairy tales.                                                      
David Zinn's most famous creation was undoubtedly a little 
monster called Sluggo. Sluggo has a green body and long,
round eyes, it and its partners have also become a small
street in Ann Arbor unique scene.                                                     
More food art:

Please share your ideas on reducing costs of artwork while publicizing your skills.