Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The New Comic Strips and Books are Cutting Edge

The intrinsic value of art is that it causes us to think and to question. A skilled composition reminds us of the best that is in us and sometimes the worst. The benefits an artist receives in creating are passed on to the viewer in a myriad of ways; many of which are intangible. There are times when all art does is bring us pleasure.

“In your Presence is fullness of joy” a Biblical phrase meaning the ultimate gift of light and goodness. When we experience something that is intrinsic and indescribable, it truly does bring us unfathomable joy.

When I was a child, I thought it odd that my parents read comic books. Even on Sunday we would fight over the comic section. I felt that the cartoons were for kids not grownups believing that there was something off about my parents. Later I discovered that many of the comic strips were designed specifically for adults.

My mother offered this advice to her all-to-serious little girl: “Never stop reading the comics. It will help you keep your sense of humor.”

I’ve come to believe that she was right. Sometimes we get so somber in our sojourn of life that we forget to laugh. We lose our sense of delight and our belief in surprises. We become all too gloomy and morose. We take ourselves far too seriously.
For people who love their pets, "Get Fuzzy" interprets what pets might think or feel (in a perverted sort of way)
Today I’m sharing my favorite comic strips. They not only offer a glimpse into our own lives, but they give us a chance to channel our frustrations through whimsy and laughter. Thanks to my mom and dad, I will read the comics until the day I die. Comedic art provides a window into the art of storytelling.
If you've ever been a parent of a teenager, Zits is a fun read for parent and child.
In this abbreviated environment, artistic ideas are also displayed in miniature. Beginning artists can learn much from this genre by experimenting with their own storytelling and illustration skills.
I get such a kick out of this cartoon which leans to the dark side, mainly because of rat.

Of course, my day and weekend would not be complete without reading Marmaduke, the most lovable and outrageous pooch of all time.

Some people think Dennis the Menace is old hat, but millions of readers still enjoy his antics and the byproduct of his words and actions on the adults in his life.
Another adult comic for seniors is getting a little too close to home.

There is genius in these brief stories. The words say what the artwork can't, and sometimes the artwork says it all. Mastering this art form will help you as an artist tell a story in your own compositions and sharpen your ability to illustrate mood, facial expressions, humor and point of view.

Below is an illustration from "Inez Ibis Flies again; the story of a courageous ibis who never gave up. Perfect for any child who must deal with a disability.In the illustration, Inez is trying to take off and fly an injured leg, but she falls flat on her face.

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