Thursday, April 28, 2016

Disconnect the Unimportant and Connect with the Source

"Stained Glass" 12 x 16 acrylic and glaze on canvas
I didn’t win the “Faces of Humanity” competition this year. In fact, I didn’t even make it to Honorable Mention. When you take a gander at the winners, you will see why. The stiff competition was marked by the best of the best! The quality of artists up and coming is a good omen for the future, and a reason to celebrate art in all its glory and richness.

The seven winners scattered throughout this blog will amaze you. The high caliber of the sponsor is indicative of the obvious mastery of the arts by the winners. There is a nice variety of medium, styles, and depth. A link to the winners is at the end of this blog. I encourage you to go there and see all of the artwork and the types of contests and opportunities that is provided.
First Place
My humble “Stained Glass” piece is finished. I don’t know why I felt compelled to do this 12 x 16 canvas? But sometimes you need a break from your regular routine to vary the pace and the style. Like a musical phrase, trying something totally different is sometimes refreshing.

I will forewarn you that my painting days are limited. My hands and fingers are going stiff on me. They spasm and freeze into weird shapes after I type or paint for even short periods of time. Perhaps when some of my other medical issues are resolved, I will get my second wind.
Second Place
I love those stores that sell exercise equipment and athletic wear and supplies. “Second Wind” is the name of one successful chain that makes the most of this niche. Everything and everyone deserves a second chance. When you feel let down, think about ways to revive your spirit and your stamina.

I find reading in my off times stimulates my will and desire to start again. Observing the strength of others vicariously can sometimes shame us into seeing our petty problems and challenges as minor and insignificant. Even if we must “guilt” ourselves into trying again, at least it gets us back in the saddle.

Third Place
Fourth Place
Many years ago, Norman Vincent Peale wrote a small book titled: “Positive Thinking for Every Day of the Year.” I read one page every day that corresponds with the current date. Yesterday I read a related story about T. E. Lawrence of “Lawrence of Arabia” fame.

“Lawrence took a few of his Arab friends to London. What interested them the most was the faucets in the bathroom.

“Watch, Lawrence said, “All you have to do is turn that thing on and you have all the water you want!”

When it was time to leave, Lawrence discovered that they were trying to remove the faucets. “What are you doing?” he questioned.

“We will take these back to the desert,” they said. “We will never lack for water.”

Fifth Place
Sixth Place

Seventh Place
“Lawrence had to explain to them that the faucets had to be attached to a source of water in order to work.”

Peale completed the story: “Sometimes we do the same thing. We try to get a flow from faucets that are not attached.”

Are you feeling empty inside and lack purpose and direction? What is the source of your strength and creativity? It’s time to get connected!

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