Friday, March 5, 2010

Wild, wild weather

This has been the worst winter since we moved to Florida over six years ago. The wind has been wilder, the temperatures cooler, and our furnace growls and roars, but does little good. The homes down here are simply not built for cold weather.

I feel guilty complaining as I watch the swirling blizzards up North from the comfort of my living room. I feel sheepish knowing that we've come through February without suffering a severe freeze. Only a few summer loving plants were frost-bitten and now stand naked; their brown leaves scattered to the winds.

We wonder how we became such cold-weather panty waists? The locals walk around wearing jackets, scarves and hats, while the tourists jog and play in T-shirts and shorts. Didn't we survive three hurricanes: Charlie, Wilma, and Rita? Weren't trees uprooted around us? Didn't sheets of rain wall us in and blind us to the howling winds outside?

The aftermath looked like a war zone. Our squirrel-nesting cabbage palm was almost topless. Our neighbors lost pool cages and roofs. Some in the county lost homes. Stores and businesses were damaged. Insurance rates in Southwest Florida skyrocketed. So what's a little cold weather? In another month, we'll be complaining about the heat. And so it goes.

How's the weather where you are? I'd love to hear from you.