Tuesday, March 9, 2010

With These Hands--Wonder

My little cowgirl is complete! I had such fun painting her, which just goes to show ya--passion is everything! When you love your subject, the painting comes easy.

That isn't to say I don't love a challenge; I do. The struggle itself can be rewarding, especially if you prove that you can do it. Sometimes that's a big "if," and some of those struggles are scraped off, painted over, sanded down.

It's not always easy trying to capture what your imagination dreams up. The clearer the image in your head, the easier it is to get it on canvas. "Wonder" is the first painting in my "With These Hands" series. With the help of my good friends, I've decided to keep this first series about children: discovering, learning, playing, etc.

The second "With These Hands" series will be about adults, especially aging adults who I adore drawing and painting; there's so much character and soul portrayed in each and every line and wrinkle. The adult series will feature: working hands, comforting hands, helping hands, praying hands, etc. I'm really excited about the whole project.

Of course, my first love is animals and birds. People are more difficult for me, but the results are rewarding. I'm excited about life and this beautiful world that God has created for us. If I can illustrate or portray even a portion of this wonder I'm gratified.

This painting is now on display in my art gallery at