Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Featured Painting – “Anhinga in Paradise”

Here is my finished painting: “Anhinga in Paradise.” I’ve also added small shots of the original photo and my first “work in progress.”

The anhinga in the photo is a female. How do I know this? Because the females have a buff colored head, neck, and chest while the males are black in those areas. The male has a larger wingspan, but this female is fairly large and is probably not a spring chicken or juvenile.

As I’ve mentioned before, my artwork is not completely realistic by choice. I choose to celebrate nature and exaggerate the colors and the beauty that sparks my imagination -- not that nature isn’t beautiful just as she is; but I like to force the viewer to see nature in another dimension.

For example, when most people look at a palm tree that’s all they see. As an artist, I see the lavenders, greens and blues in the shaded areas, and the pinks, and warm grays on the sunlit ones. I enjoy exaggerating the tones of tropical blues and aqua hues in the fronds and the way these colors change with light and shadow.

I sometimes emphasize the shapes of leaves and petals and the way they appear to turn, as if they’re in motion. You can see some examples of this on my online gallery. Prints, giclees, and greeting cards may also be purchased at:

For your enjoyment, I’ve added a few more photos from the Mervil’s Design Center showroom.

The above paintings were done by my good friend, Diane Carmen.

The above painting was done by my friend, Graciela Price.
Both artists are members of:
"Painters & Artist League @ Gateway (PALs)