Friday, November 12, 2010

"In Progress" -- Dainty Diva

I couldn't resist painting another one of my beautiful granddaughters; this time Amelia. Her mother sent me a photo of Amelia in costume in the dance studio. I'm showing the digital printout, my drawing on canvas, and my first session where I brushed in the background.

There may be some color adjustment as I go along, but the background is essentially out of the way, and now I can concentrate on the figure. I'm really excited about capturing Amelia's beauty. She has big blue eyes, fair skin, and blonde hair, albeit hidden in a severe ballet sweep.

Originally, I was going to dub this painting: "Amelia at the bar," but chose instead: "Dainty Diva." I will show you the final painting in approximately two weeks if I'm not interrupted. I'm still trying to complete my watercolor painting on display last week. I have so many paintings I want to do (if I should live so long, ha).

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