Monday, November 15, 2010

Great Event -- Wine 'n Cheese at Mervil's Design Center

Since much of my time has been spent jockeying paintings and myself back and forth between Fort Myers and Naples, Florida, I thought I'd share with you some of the great artwork that was on display.

Here is "Yours Truly" taking a breather. The painting behind me is an orange roadwork mixed media painting. Fascinating! An Interior Designer took interest right away, and began selecting shades of blue fabric for draperies.

This sculpture was simply incredible. The message rings loud and clear, and its beauty was enjoyed by all.

The artist, Mr. Chevalier, created other sculptures and realistic waterfront paintings.

Another artist who sculpts wood was injured while working. He sliced his fingertips off, but came to the Grand Opening anyway. He was, to say the least worried about whether his hands would heal, and if he would be able to sculpt again. We send him our prayers and well wishes!

Amazing artists and artwork were everywhere, along with the ultimate in fabrics, upholstery swatches, and trimmings. Definitely not your department store variety.

I displayed six of my paintings. Two of them from my "With These Hands" series were featured in the welcome center: my cowgirl "Wonder" and my contest winner "Love." I was thrilled when many people walked up to view them.

My paintings will be on display for the next three months. Whenever one sells, we have the opportunity to replace it with another.

I was also approached by a designer who is interested in meeting with me about a project. All in all, this has been a fruitful and wonderful experience.

Parker Harlowe, a member of Painters & Artist League at Gateway (PALS), and has taught many classes and given us many opportunities was also featured in the foyer and displayed two of his paintings. Here is one of them.