Saturday, February 5, 2011

New Portrait – “Blonde Boy”

This painting was in progress, and I wanted to finish it before jumping into the girl with the antique buggy that I sketched for a previous blog. The canvas is 12x16 and when framed, will probably be 11x14. I want to continue my portrait work for two reasons: people are interesting subjects, and I want to increase my skills in this area.

I have several paintings on the backburner; one a small watercolor,and the other is still in the fluctuating imagination stage. I’m reworking some old canvases to save money. I have three I’m in the process of sanding and painting over.

I was always taught “waste not want not,” and I’m trying to live up to that motto. Another reason is that storage is at a premium at our house. Old canvases and blank canvases take up space. If I rework them and turn them into saleable pieces, they will be earning their keep at shows and possible sales.

I do portraits from photos, not only of people but pets. If you have a photo you’d like to turn into a portrait, please e-mail me at with your photo attachment, and I’ll give you a price list based on size (8x10, 11x14, 12xs16, etc.) and your choice of medium (oil, acrylic, watercolor).

My expertise is oil, but I work in all three mediums. Frames are extra plus mailing and handling. I use PayPal for payments.  I’d love to do a portrait of your loved one or pet. The paintings in this blog were all done from photos.

Today’s new painting was an oil on canvas titled: “Blonde Boy.” When my oldest son was about this age, he was a real tow-head. I lovingly called him: “blonde boy.” When he was especially mischevious or silly, I added: “blonde boy of the circus.”

I hope you enjoy my “Blonde Boy” (of the circus). He’s the offspring of the original version.