Saturday, February 26, 2011

Take Heart in Simple Pleasures

We can’t change the world, but it will change us if we let it. The turmoil and chaos can and will effect us; so people, beware!

Oil Painting titled:  "Leap of Faith"

It’s difficult to remain calm when everything close to us and far is changing. When around the globe, the grip of panic and turbulance is everywhere. The only thing we can do is forge ahead; our dreams and our life purpose in tact.

What creative minds have to offer is exactly what the world needs now. There may be no market, and our financial returns may be small, but there is a void in the world that must be filled with beauty, curiosity, happiness and thoughtful insight.

Sometimes, I think we (meaning me) watch too much news. According to newscasters, society in general seems ready to crash and burn. Daily routines can stabalize our momentum and give us a quiet place to rest. This morning on our walk, the mating and nesting birds were exultant. The air was filled with song. New blades of grass were filling in winter’s bare spots with brilliant greens.

We stopped to watch a cyprus nursery where several herons watched over their nests. Two small beaks lifted from one nest and tiny wings began to flap. Soon they would be fluttering from branch to branch learning how to fly before leaving home.

                         Original Version
In the pond, we counted seven “fish nests” in the shallow waters. Over each nest, a fish swiveled its silver body back and forth to ward off other fish or prey until her spawn emerged. All was peaceful on the home front. “God’s in his heaven; all’s right with the world,” I thought. Whatever happens in the news, around the world, or even next door, cannot change this “inner” peace. We can – we must find solace in simple pleasures.

The painting featured today is from an earlier blog titled: “Reincarnation—a Painting is Born.” The painting has been revamped (for better or worse). I was disappointed with the composition of the original and felt it lacked pizzazz. I hope you enjoy my new painting titled: “Leap of Faith.”