Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Green, Groovy and Fabulous!

Downtown Fort Myers sparkles like a queen on prom night. A recent makeover has turned the “City of Palms” into a hub of artistic expression, music and theater. Upscale shops and restaurants beckon locals and snowbirds to the tantalizing smells, toe-tapping sounds, and show-stopping eye candy displayed in glittering shop windows.

One of those gems is attracting urban traffic by its unique and trendy mix of eclectic jewelry, clothing and art. The boutique features fun, green and eco-friendly items with a groovy edge. The owner, Lisa Boucher, knows her stuff. The shop is arranged to draw the curious, the playful, and the serious collector. If you can’t find it –Lisa will get it. She invites you to come and explore the unusual, the exciting, and the unique created by local and global artisans.

 Visit her onlline gallery at and find out why everybody’s talking about her collection of jewelry, clothing, handbags, accessories, sculpture, wall art, home décor, gifts and more. Then come downtown and see for yourself an expanded reportoire of delightful choices to suit every taste.

Currently, I have four paintings on exhibit there. I’ve scattered them throughout this blog along with photos of Lisa’s shop.

You could spend hours browsing and exploring “Green ‘n Groovy” and still see something new by the time you were finished. The location on First Avenue next to the Arcade has ample street parking close to all of the action.

Downtown Fort Myers River District is a delightful place to shop and have lunch or dinner. The new ambiance of orange tile roofs, brick sidewalks and lamplights sport a wide array of shops, restaurants, and a vibrant night life. The more than 16 art galleries in the area, activities such as “Art Walk,” and live entertainment is pumping new life into the downtown area. Live music on Ponce De Leon plaza adds a lively touch of local flavor.

Next time you think of jewelry, art or fun, think “Green ‘n Groovy.” Shop downtown Fort Myers and discover for yourself the fabulous bevy of boutique and artistic wares. You won’t be disappointed!