Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rainy Day Blues

Today, the Painters and Artists League of Gateway (PALS) had planned a special trip to Sarasota to visit the Salvadore Dali Art Museum. I planned on filling my blog with photos of Salvadore paintings and facts about his life. I have long admired his edgy style and delightful use of space and color.

All of us were looking forward to spending the day together exploring art galleries in the Sarasota area and getting to know each other better. But alas, a severe weather warning and impending rain broke soon after we left and sent us scampering closer to home. But what started out as a disappointing day turned into one of discovery.

We headed over to Bell Towers, a local shopping mall, where a new art gallery called “Gallerie Unique” had recently opened. President Shelby Ward was our gracious hostess. She allowed us to linger, study and enjoy her collection of artwork from both local and international artists such as Carol McArdle, Art Fronckowiak, Laurie Snow Hein, Neil Walling, Echo Chernik, Richard Johnson, Tadeo, Jennifer Vrane, Ken Miduch, and Ed Takacs to name a few.

Tucked under a black and white striped awning a few steps across the black and white checkered tiles from a small coffee shoppe, Gallerie Unique was anything but quaint. An air of sophistication and professionalism captured our attention as we moved into the gallery.

The variety of artists represented and the wide range of offerings was a delightful surprise. Well placed rack lighting captured the highlights and brushwork of each artist’s unique style showcasing color and detail that might otherwise have been missed.

Afterward, we discussed the artists and their work at a local restaurant called Mimi’s, and then drove to The Alliance for the Arts on McGregor Avenue. Who said you can’t vacation at home? We had a wonderful day exploring Fort Myers wonderful art community.