Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer is a Time to Explore

I recently attended a Twins baseball game in their new stadium. It was amazing! Right in the heart of Minneapolis, this huge stadium of bright green turf nestles between tall skyscrapers and towering glass.

We had dinner at the Lion’s Pub, and afterward walked the short distance to the game. The entrance to the stadium is an extension of the sidewalks that merge at the site. Lovely baseball statuary marks the pathway which takes your breath away as you enter and see the baseball diamond below.

This experience brought back treasured memories of other vacations that continue to bring me pleasure when I remember. One summer, our family camped and hiked in the mountains west of Boulder, Colorado and had some unforgettable experiences.

Hiking under the speckled shade of aspen and pine, we stumbled across an old abandoned mine. We warned the children to stay away from certain areas as we explored the surrounding terrain. The ground cover spread out before us like a tangled carpet of green. When we got closer, the vines revealed ripe red strawberries growing wildly in the underbrush.

We munched their sweetness until we were full. Their abundance surprised us, and we kept picking until we had filled a straw hat with our bounty. The next morning, I made strawberry jam for our pancakes. Our excursion was a lesson in survival for our children and a revelation of God’s plentiful goodness.

The next day we traveled southward on a dirt road that would eventually connect to a main artery leading into Utah’s southern parks. Again nature revealed her bounty to us. We discovered blueberries creeping over the hillsides on either side of the road. We stopped to enjoy a few, and ended up filling a pail with enough berries for blueberry syrup the next morning. It was great fun. I felt like a pioneer woman, braving the elements and the wild; depending upon God’s grace for food.

On another camping trip, I’d forgotten my skillet. When it came time to make breakfast, I learned how to improvise. After our fire had burned into coals, we placed a large, smooth river rock on the embers. When the rock was hot, a piece of aluminum foil was laid on top. I fried bacon, eggs, and pancakes on the hot foil. I felt like an amazon woman, strong and capable. After fighting the rain, digging ditches to divert its path away from our tent, I could handle anything! No city girl here.

Have a good summer everyone! Make memories! And don’t be afraid to explore and experience the beautiful world we live in.