Saturday, July 2, 2011

Through The Eyes of God

An artist friend in Gateway Painters & Artists League (PALS) shared this video with me. I needed to see it. I have long felt that inspiration comes from two sources: the dark side (evil), and from light (good). This clearly states how I feel spiritually and on an artistic level.

I have been discouraged of late. The Internet business is slow, and I don't feel as if I'm making progress. This film gave me new hope.

I'm sharing the 2nd work-in-progress on "The Lost" painting. I added the first layer of oil paint over the boy and the crows today. I like what I see. This painting is truly coming from within, and does shed light on the plight of the children in India and the "lost" souls: infants and children who are left homeless and hungry; many of whom use sex to survive and to get something to eat. As a result they contract diseases. They are malnourished and in need of love and care.

I hope my painting will alert others to their plight and make people stop and think. One viewer last week said of my acrylic drawing: "I find this very disturbing."  I hope so! I hope in some small way it will jar us from our complacency in a world of great need.