Saturday, October 22, 2011

Art Shows: are They for the Birds or do They Feather Your Nest?

Today I had an art show at the Alliance for the Arts in conjunction with their Fall Family Fest (the reason I'm late in getting my blog up). We had a great time, but there were more lookers than buyers. I met many interesting people, however, which made it all worth while.

Since it was an outdoor festival, we were grateful for the wonderful weather. A few breezes kept us on our toes, but all in all it was a great day.

This "Pair" won 1st Prize -- Construction Waste

I'm sharing some of the photos I took of our group and of the "Repurposed Trash" juried competition that was featured in a previous blog. One member of our group got in the show, but did not win a prize. Considering every piece was made out of trash, the show had a surprisingly classy and sophisticated look.

2nd Place -- Time Piece
This beautiful "Time" scultpture used all waste materials

It appears from the judge's choices that she went with an "industrial" theme. This gave the entire show a congruency that was both attractive and appealing.

3rd Place -- made of plastic cigarette wrappers.

The festival showcased musicians, dancers, and theatrical solos and performances. Activities for the kids included a "doodling" tent where they could create their own paintings, jewelry making and face painting.

The most popular artist there, and the only one making money I might add, was an artist making quick portraits with markers. She charged $10 each or $50 on canvas. She was fast, artistic, and fun. Not bad for a $10 souvenir.

Other artwork in the show.

I found a brand new I-phone in a case on the ground. I turned it into the front desk and waited. Sure enough a grateful doctor came to claim his lost phone. He just bought it and had never used it before.

This piece was done by Parker Harlowe, a member of our group.
"Bird of Paradise"

One of our own artists saw one of her pottery fish walk away from the tent in the hands of a child and his mother. She chased them down and asked for the fish back. They complied. We wondered if the mother was teaching her child how to steal or if the theft was purely accidental. I suppose we'll never know.

Swordfish made out of Palm Fronds -- Beautiful!

Six hours of time, hours of labor and money in each painting, and no sales; how do you feel about art shows these days? Are you having any success or is it better to focus on the web and online sales? Love your feedback!