Sunday, October 30, 2011

Power Trip – the Artist as Creator

Nothing excites me more than putting a few lines and a little paint on canvas and watching them come to life. Talk about power! I will tell you that when this “miracle” happens, I bond with my painting. The people, the animals, even the vegetation become a living thing that I have lovingly nurtured into existence.

My next pastel drawing of Baby Soren

When my skill level fails me, or my efforts don’t succeed, I mourn the death of each one as surely as if they had died; not physically, but viscerally. Of course, in reality, I simply wipe out what failed and try again.

 Doodle of a woman

The wonderful thing about being creator on canvas is that you can start again, even when you make glaring mistakes. Oil paint especially is forgiving; watercolor, not so much. Acrylic can be easily painted over, and pastel may be erased.

At last, when the elements of imagination, skill, and experience come together the feeling is magic! You’ve managed to transmit that breath of life onto canvas. Whether it’s a bird in flight, a child making a discovery, or the blending of colors and shapes in an abstract; when the final brushstroke is made fulfillment occurs.

Doodle of a Bald Man
It usually takes years of practice before that miracle happens. But happen it will if you keep on drawing and painting. Why do people give up so soon or submit to negative thoughts that drive them into oblivion? The worst offenders can be stated in two paragraphs:

1. They compare themselves to others and think they will never achieve or be as good as someone else. The secret is they could with practice, not just every day, but for as long as they live. The hard work and effort of others is rarely seen, but their success reflects years of committed time.

2. They become impatient for results and give up too soon. How soon is too soon? Only eternity can say. We may never know what we could have been until it’s too late. In light of that, we must use the gifts we have to the best of our ability. What more can anyone ask?

Plien air poolside