Thursday, May 3, 2012

Here comes Summer! Are You ready?

I’m working on something that I can’t share with you right now; illustrations that will be used in the publication of a book. You may have noticed the repetition of paintings in my blog. Please bear with me until this project is over.

The tourists and “Snowbirds” have gone back home. The streets are once again accessible; the stores half empty (or is it half full?). Our Co-op Gallery at Coconut Point in Bonita Springs has come to an end. Our President, Marsha Bisson, shared this “thank you” with the members:

Dear Fellow Artists,
I would like to thank all of you for your part in making the Coconut Point Co-op Art Gallery into such a successful gallery, both sales wise as well as artistically. We sold over $9000 in artwork this year!
The quality and beauty of the artwork offered by all of you provided a professional and varied selection for our customers. Visitors to our gallery, both buyers and lookers, made so many positive comments about the artwork and the gallery, that next year we'll be having them write them down so we can share them with all of you!
Meeting the artists is such a positive experience for buyers. There were a lot of occasions this year with sitters selling their own work on the days they sat. It's a win win for both! And, again, congratulations and thank you to both Donna Elliot and Pat Papa who, in one, day-sold over $1300 in artwork!!! A great job!

And thank you all for your cooperation in gallery sitting and selling. . .

A triumphant ending to a wonderful winter season!

"Pelican Bay" oil on canvas

Year-round residents like us enjoy summer in spite of the heat. There are specials on dining out: two for ones, and lower prices.  The restaurants and store owners welcome our business. We enjoy the perks, but we also miss our friends and neighbors. By June our streets resemble a ghost town.

This is the time of year when I catch up on my dreams and the projects that have been waiting in the wings. Maybe even plan a vacation. My husband and I have only each other to converse with across the table in our favorite restaurants; an opportunity to renew our friendship and catch a movie or two to rekindle the former fires of dating.

"Flash Dance" oil on canvas

Summer should be a time for renewal; a time when neglected relationships are nurtured and revitalized; a time to enjoy the moment and the minutiae. The smell of charcoal and grilled burgers waft on the air currents mixed with jasmine and gardenia. Our hibiscus and Mexican Petunias are “blooming their hearts out” while we swelter in shorts and bare feet
The beach beckons us to enjoy the water and the sand unfettered by the winter crowds and “spring breakers.” There’s nothing like walking along the beach in the early morning hours or just before the sun goes down in the evening turning the sky a pinkie, orange lavender.

"Beach Buddies II" mixed media on canvas