Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Abbreviated World of Twitters and Tweets

"Maestro" 9 x 12 Pastel on Bristol

 Most of us Tweet, even though we’re not convinced it does anything for our business. The overwhelming number of tweets sent and received each day means that many are not read, let alone acted upon.

I discussed this with my son-in-law over Christmas (perhaps argue would describe it better) about whether social media and Twitter in particular increased sales or business. His conjecture was that it did not. My attitude was more positive, as I know for a fact that it has increased readership for my Christian articles.

It would be great to get your feedback on how social media and Twitter has either helped or hindered your business, i.e. does it waste precious time, etc.

When I first started tweeting, I tried to make my tweets profound, or at least somewhat interesting. 

Many of them had some good advice. I’m “retweeting” some of them in place of my blog today:

“My tools; my soul mates: pencils, brushes, paint joining together in pursuit of excellence; changing darkness into light and breathing life into shapes and forms.

“Hands tell a story. Their calluses and wrinkles define us. We talk and express delight with hands. We applaud those things we love. Handy!

“Lift up your heart to the music of creation. Paint the world fantastic. Let nature ring. Bring on the brush, baby!

“Artists deal in illusion, turning flat lines into forms and shapes that pull the viewer into a greater understanding of the world.

“An art show is like performing without a script. The fluid style of color and shape express the unspoken words of the heart.

“Touching brush to canvas, the artist consummates a passion-filled marriage that explodes into droplets of agony and ecstasy, fire and ice.

“An artist’s prayer: wrap my soul in your love Lord; whisper into my heart and draw out a masterpiece that awakens the world.

“A good painting provides eye calisthenics, inviting us to explore the details, subtleties, and deeper realms of human thought within.”

Do you have a favorite saying or tweet? Share them with us!