Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dare to Expose Your Soft Under Belly

(Work in progress; acrylic under painting)

I’m showing some of my art at a small café with a Bohemian flare. The owner is trying to create a unique niche in the community. Various groups have scheduled activities there on different nights: game playing, dancing, guest bands, etc. Whether the venture will be profitable is yet to be determined.

"Hey, Coconut Mon" mixed-media (oil on acrylic under painting) 18 x 24
I love the entrepreneurial spirit. I’m always amazed at the gutsy leap of faith that entrepreneurs are willing and eager to take. Which brings me to my next point: to be successful, you must be willing to fail. Taking chances must be an active consideration in making decisions. Either you take the plunge and risk humiliation, loss of money or reputation, in some cases, or you stagnate. It’s that simple.

Every entrepreneur, every artist gets bruised in the upward climb; daring to reveal his or her under belly in order to gain exposure. If you hold back or put self-imposed limits on yourself because of fear or embarrassment, you’ll never reach your goals nor fulfill your dreams.
(I'd like to paint this)
(Close-up of Morning Glories)
I recently purchased a rather expensive frame for a painting I want to submit to an art gallery. If it doesn’t make the juried “cut,” I’m out money and opportunity. I was still smarting for having been turned down because of a less than stellar frame. I may have over-compensated, but I’m determined.

Professionals walk a fine line between actual budgets and obtaining the necessary tools of their trade. The adage “it takes money to make money” is sadly true. Self confidence is equally important.

When you believe in yourself enough to stand up and be counted, your education and skills will make up for any lack of courage or timidity you may have. Negotiating and dealing with people are learned behaviors. Fear can be overcome through practice and determination.

(Beautiful scenes in my neighborhood that inspire me! -- This is winter here, folks!)
It never hurts to show your tender side. That doesn’t mean rolling over and playing dead, but it does mean making yourself vulnerable to exposure and opportunity.

(These sandhill cranes reminded me of Indians dancing and inspired the painting below)
"Sand Crane Dreams" mixed-media; 18 x 24