Friday, October 4, 2013

Hoping for the Winds of Change – Let her Blow!

"Kayla looking through a glass door" (My next painting)
Here I am, preparing for two shows at two different locations and still missing two other possibilities in the process. When “Season” arrives here in Florida, there is never a dull moment.

I did manage to paint today. I had wanted to finish this project before a show on the 12th, but I may not pull it off. Actually, the toddler, my great granddaughter, on the front of the glass holding her “blankie” is finished. This is another example of making flat glass and wood look like cloth; soft and delicate with shadows and highlights.

"Glass surface -- work in progress"
I decided to add paw prints on the underside. Because the dog is lower, he must reach up to her. My original drawing was of a larger dog, and I had to paint over him. Now I will add a smaller dog to the canvas and then the canvas will be finished.

The project is mixed media because I am using both oils (on the glass), and acrylics on the canvas which will be attached on the backside of the window frame. At least this project is unique.

"in progress -- canvas will be attached to back side of window" (still needs dog.)
Tomorrow, I am setting up a show at the Public Library with our League to provide culture for the community. It’s a fun way to interact with students and interested adults. Last year we added several new people to our group. At the same time, we artists have other artwork hanging on the walls of the library that will be judged. At the end of the month, prizes will be awarded.

When opportunity knocks, I usually try to take it. But this has been an unusual year full of death, illness, and necessary trips. My coping skills were tested. When I talk with my online friends and artist community, I am sensing that they, too, have difficulties that interfere with their hopes and dreams.
"First drawing of Kayla"

We all want to be successful. Success takes money. Juried shows require entry fees. Continuing education is expensive, but important. Supplies and materials are going up in price. I shopped at several stores looking to buy odorless turpentine. The cost blew my mind ($30 a quart). I ended up with a gallon of odorless mineral spirits (thanks to WalMart) for $12.49. 

I love to paint. I enjoy creating something out of nothing. But there are fewer buyers than there were yesterday or even last year. If we can all hang on just a little longer, maybe the climate will change. 

When Mary Poppins blew into town, it was on the winds of change. We can only hope.

"Winston is the model for my dog"