Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tired of being practical, plain and passive? Want to shake things up?

This illustration became a poster when I saw the funny side!

Are you a conformist or a rebel? Do you like to “fit in” or "shake things up?” Your personality type will determine the answer. Your individual style affects what kind of situations you end up in and the choices you make. Your distinct approach to life and how you see the world are a direct result of your personality.

Watch a few children play together and you’ll soon see their personalities emerge. One may be aggressive and controlling, while another assumes the role of peacemaker. One child may sit passively watching events unfold before his eyes without engaging while another seems oblivious to the chaos around him.

Next in my "Neptunes" Series "Octoband" 1st drawing on panel
Watch that last child as he or she lives in his own world conjuring up stories and situations in his mind and playing them out verbally or in imaginary play. This personality may become a writer, an artist, a philosopher or a scientist. His or her ability to detach and separate and his courage to stand apart becomes the skill set needed for dreams and discoveries.

I’ve always adored children’s games of pretend. In an instant they can become a pirate, a princess, a spy or a soldier. A child’s thoughts can transport him to different planets, faraway lands, or make-believe places. Depending on personality type, a child can become a conquering hero or a benevolent guardian; a powerful sorcerer or a humble apprentice. Children literally become what they can imagine.

Work in Progress: I put some acrylic washes down to suggest color and form
Adults should pay attention to this skill and learn to tap into their inner child. I’m not talking about maturity versus immaturity. I’m talking about the essence of childhood which is innocence. Seeing things with fresh new eyes each day and marveling at the wonder and beauty that surrounds us.

Adults get so caught up in their adult responsibilities and activities that they become rooted to the mundane and predictable. Think outside the box. Pursue your dreams with a fresh unleashed approach. Instead of being passive, plain, and predictable – shake things up! 

Try unwinding by doing the same boring things in a different way. Find a new route to work. Enjoy the scenery for a change. Don’t work through lunch! Read a good book instead or listen to some music. Get off by yourself, if possible, away from the jangling of interruptions and small talk. See yourself as capable and in control. Savor the moment!

"Flamenco Flamingo" a playful drawing created as I mused on how a
flamingo is built and how they move.