Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Feed the Hungry and Allow Others to Feed You

"India Rising -- the Found" mixed media on canvas
There are times in life when we nurture and feed others. And there are those dismal dark days in between when we are the needy ones. We hunger and thirst for the missing pieces in our lives, and we try to solve the puzzle of discontent and emptiness.

Perhaps it’s simply a desire for knowledge or perhaps the need to connect with another human being.  Whatever it is, we hope not only to discover what we’re missing, but to fill that empty abyss that gnaws at our organs and psyche. Like a tantalizing crumb dangling temptingly before us,  we can almost taste this mysterious ingredient. But before we can devour its lusciousness or feel its goodness on our tongue, it is gone.

"With These Hands -- Love" mixed media on canvas
Over the holiday, we saw a brilliant and moving film called: “The Book Thief;” written about one of the most interesting and grueling time periods in history: World War II. The character, a young girl named Leasle, gains the reputation of “book thief” because in order to satisfy her craving for knowledge and life, she must read. She must learn. She doesn’t steal books, she tells everyone; she only takes them for a little while and always returns them with added benefits.

The movie reminds us of the striking contrast between good and evil, and of the types of people who inhabit the earth: those who make choices that free their souls and shape their destiny in remarkable ways, and those who destroy whatever and whoever they touch through their black lifeless hearts.
"India Rising -- the Lost" mixed media on canvas
This movie inspired the title of my latest art show: “The Human Spirit – a Celebration of People and Places.” In almost all of my paintings, I try to emphasize the goodness and light that emanates from ordinary people doing small and simple things. The way they live their lives. The results of the choices they make.

"Prayer Circles" mixed media on canvas
If you’re in Fort Myers, Florida in December, I hope you can come. A reception will be held Friday evening, Dec. 6 from 7 to 10 p.m. at the Arts for Act Arcade Gallery on First Street, between Jackson and Hendry. I’ll be there with other displaying artists.

Arts for Act holds auctions and uses the commission from the sale of art to fund services for abused women and their children. Many local artists support this gallery and also participate as volunteers.  Please call 239-337-5050 for information or check out their web site at 

"Reggae Night" acrylic on canvas