Saturday, September 20, 2014

As we sow, so shall we reap to enjoy the Fruits of our Labor

When a seedling is planted, it sends its roots deep into the soil not only for nourishment and moisture, but for strength. The hidden roothold acts as an anchor to secure the young plant as it sends new shoots skyward. Without roots, a tree would topple. The rootage underground is usually as wide as the upper foliage.

During violent storms, a tree may still fall if its strength is surface deep either from too much above ground watering, or from layers of sand, clay or rock below.

How deep do your roots go? Are they scrawny and weak from too much surface ease and lack of effort? Have you nourished your foundation with study, practice and knowledge or did you skim over the top and hope for the best? True success is a result of how strong and how deep your convictions and passions go.

The same is true of faith. Weak faith (hope) is easily toppled by the storms of life. Lack of knowledge is usually “found out” under duress. Plagiarism can fool others once or twice; but if you’re caught, your career is usually over.

Alex Haley wrote a wonderful book called “Roots” that resonated with the American people and still does today. But many scholars, including black researchers and learned professionals believe it was more a book of fiction than of truth, and that Haley sought to change the historical accuracy about slavery.

The practice of slavery goes way back to ancient times. Both blacks and whites were once slaves in many cultures and countries. The African Continent enslaved other blacks that had different tribal connections and sold them into slavery. The owners were both white and black.

(Whether it's true about Haley or not, I was enchanted
by the book and television series!)

Haley’s book was moving and entertaining, but it does not pass the sniff test where history is concerned. The fury and the passion that surrounded the books and plays that Haley’s work inspired is beginning to fade.

Roots that go deep and are anchored in truth outlast the test of time. They withstand hearsay, tribulation, scoffing and popular opinion. Their branches go deep and keep the underpinnings from wavering. Character becomes resolute and authenticity an unchanging reality. Confidence increases. Gifts are mastered and used in positive ways. True success is a natural outgrowth and never becomes top heavy or ego inflated. 

Like a tree that is solid and grounded, there is balance and equanimity. People flock to it for shelter and protection. They bask in its beauty and serenity; this my friends is the maturity of the true artist. They do not need to flaunt their achievements. Their accomplishments speak for themselves. First they reap, and then they sow; and the fruits of their labor testify of their success.

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