Monday, September 14, 2015

The Enemy you Know is usually better than the One you don’t

#hopeful in India, 24x18 acrylic on canvas
I have a curious mind. As a writer, I delve into various subjects and interview interesting people as I pursue a story or simply to satisfy my curiosity. Friends and relatives caution me about going in the wrong direction; but what I’ve discovered is that I become even more self-assured in the anchor that holds me to reality and truth.

In my moves and travels around the world, I’ve gained a sense of appreciation for all human beings. The majority are simple, good-hearted people who just want to live their lives in peace. By the ongoing turmoil and the natural disasters that occur many have far more struggles than they can handle or even deserve.

Giving life meaning and purpose is important to many. Participating in a good “cause.” Helping a neighbor or friend. Feeling good about yourself at the end of the day. These simple pleasures ranked high on their “satisfaction” list.

In the oncoming weeks, American’s patience will be tested again by the influx of 10,000 Muslim refugees. Less than three years ago, we were asked to welcome 1.8 million immigrants under the age of 31 from Mexico. The so-called “Dream Act” or “Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals” (DACA) program. Created to suspend the deportation of this sizable influx of illegal Mexican runaways.

America is a sinking ship. We are nearly 20 trillion dollars in debt to a powerful communist regime that could annihilate us if they so choose. Now we are asked to accept an even greater burden while over 50% of our own citizens are on welfare. American debt keeps rising, our own people are hurting and now we are expected to do the "humanitarian” thing and bring more people aboard.

To politicians, these “potential voters” are desirable cargo. Made me think of those Titanic survivors who clung to their life rafts. Extra people tried to get aboard, but the rafts would sink losing all. There were simply not enough rafts to support any more people. Hordes of people drowned. A few survivors were left to tell the tale.

The discussed refugees are also from countries that have repeatedly sworn not only to hate America, but to destroy her. Diabolical as it is, most nations and  countries are usually destroyed from within. Inviting our enemies to slowly take over our country is not the same as feeding them and sending them first aid supplies and help. Think about it. Saudi Arabia won’t take these refugees into their country, even though they are of the same ethnic background.
"Prayer Circles" oil on acrylic background
History and current affairs around the world have shown us that their intentions are not “peaceful.”  They have affected the freedoms of every country where they have infiltrated. No I am not advising hatred. What I am saying is that we should offer them food, clothing, health assistance and protection, if necessary, but leave them in their homeland.

We should also encourage other Arab nations to invite these refugees into their tents and living rooms. Perhaps if we had left well enough alone in the first place, Isis would not have taken over the Middle East. Sometimes the “enemy you know” is better than the enemy that rises up to take over the void.
"Belly Dancer" 11x14 acrylic on canvas