Monday, December 21, 2015

Enjoy Each Blessed Moment and make Happy Memories

Greetings from Florida.
Join me to the tune of Sleigh Bells Ring.

Seagulls sing, are you listnin?
At the beach, surf is glist
A beautiful sight, a sunset tonight,
in a winter wonderland.

Stored away are the snow skis,
Here we stay in our short sleeves,
You sing a new song,
This is where we belong!
in a winter wonderland.

In the yard, we can trim a palm tree,
Then pretend to shovel lots of snow,
ll say, Do you miss it?, Ill say, No maam,
I feel younger by the minute dont you know.

Later on well conspire,
And grill some shrimp on the fire,
The plans we have made include sun and shade,
in a winter wonderland.
News Press, McGregor ©1993
(and thanks to my friend, Junie)

(My sister's festive house)

(Oak trees get a glimmer of Christmas in Florida) 
As we celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah and other religious and spiritual celebrations we need to be more respectful of each others customs and traditions. These practices are what make families strong and nations great. They are the threads that weave through society and hold people together. Our differences should not divide us, but create pattern, texture and variation.

Small people and small minds create walls. Character builds bridges. Character and empathy brought the Berlin wall down. Hatred diminishes, engulfs and finally destroys.

I found that by forgiving them (the Nazis), I held the ultimate power and the pain stopped. From Finding Rebecca by Eoin Dempsey (great book!)

Grace and forgiveness brought Gods son to earth in the form of a babe to bring salvation to mankind if they would but believe.
"Mother and Child" brush drawing in oil (My beautiful daughter Holly with her first daughter.)
Hatred nailed Jesus Christ to the cross denying His divinity but fulfilling prophecy found in Isaiah 53 and Zechariah that the Messiah would be born in a little town of Bethlehem. And He would be called wonderful, counselor, the everlasting Father the Prince of Peace.

Even non-believers get caught up in the spirit of the Season of Giving. For one blessed night commemorating the eve of His birth brotherly love is felt and experienced. Wars are often paused. Sickness is healed. The chains of hatred and sin are broken as people around the world worship His Holy name.
Palm trees wrapped in lights.
Sadly were in a political season of mud-slinging and division. This quote from George Orwell over 50 years ago still holds true. Wed do well to remember it.

Political language . . . is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. George Orwell

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah everybody! Have a blessed season.