Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Christmas and Holidays Cement important Relationships

(My son and his family at Thanksgiving)
My dad wanted a boy when I was born. It became obvious when for Christmas one year, I opened my Santa present and there was a small green and yellow caterpillar tractor. My dad worked for Caterpillar in those days, and had purchased one of their models. I guess he had no one to give a tractor to except me. I was so disappointed, but tried not to show it. I had abandoned my dolls, and was confused by this boy toy."

When the gift exchanges were opened, and there were no other presents under the tree, I was listless and forlorn. My mother reached inside the topmost branches of the Christmas tree. Well, what's this?” she said pulling a small wrapped package from its hiding place. She read the inscription aloud: Merry Christmas, to Carol from Santa. My mouth must have dropped open as she handed me this wonderful surprise. 

My fingers flew as I tore the wrapping from the box. Inside was the wrist watch I had wanted. Although this strange Christmas started out badly, it finished on a high note. I had always been told that good things come in small packages. Now I believed it.

(A walk in the hills of Georgia)
Memories, whether good or bad, accumulated over time become the foundation that builds character and provides a springboard for who we become. Our preferences and choices come from these early beginnings. Like bits and pieces of energy, they mold and shape our personality; our likes and dislikes.

When people view a painting, they are drawn to a composite of colors and lines that relate to their experience and inner vision. No two people are the same. No two paintings are exactly alike. There are vibes that call out to us in a myriad of ways. Some people seek excitement and brashness. Others may be seeking recognition of something familiar. Still others may long for something hidden and long forgotten that reaches out and calls them back home.
(Work in Progress -- Peaches 'n Cream)
Whatever the reasons, pushing a painting on someone else in a triumph of salesmanship rarely brings contentment. Choosing artwork is much like choosing those intimate objects of our lives that are selected because of some secret wish or longing. The feeling is indescribable and personal. Sometimes we cant  explain the reasons ourselves. We only know that we must have it because it already feels a part of us.

Personal, unforgettable and totally unexplainable. These are the reasons people make the choices they do. Sometimes we do things for the wrong reasons and regret it later. For whatever reasons we may buy, it is not always about the money nor the beauty. The bottom line may be simply filling a void.

As Ive watched people, including myself, accumulate goods and services, Ive come to the conclusion that we fill up the emptiness of our lives with things. Not a good reason for purchasing something.

As we approach the holiday season, try accumulating pleasant and joyful experiences that become fond memories. These may well fill up those empty spaces just as well and for less money.