Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Learn to Distinguish your Real Enemies from Manufactured Ones

"Leap of Faith" oil on canvas
To say our country is on edge is an understatement. Almost every week there is a tragedy, mob violence, a terror event or chaos. Its unsettling the way the mood of the country and new legislation and "executive orders" are altering the America we once knew.

In my latest read, the topic is Nazi Germany in the 40s. I'm searching for clues as to how the horrors perpetrated against the Jews happened? This quote jumped out at me: "Its amazing what years of conditioning and propaganda can achieve."

Today we don't know who to fear or whom to trust. Were becoming Schizophrenic and paranoid. Were losing our bearings. The foundation this country was built upon is slowly eroding before our eyes; at least that is how a majority of citizens feel.

(Work in Progress: "Stir fry" oil on canvas)
The Supreme Court has long ago ceased to rule according to Constitutional law and is legislating from the bench, something our founding fathers tried to safeguard against. Once you begin to tamper with established law and disregard principle, you are in muddy waters.

In spite of that, people are resilient. They will adjust and come together when necessary to preserve what is lasting and proven. For over 50 years people have mistakenly dismissed the idea of absolutes and values pushing them into the realms of relativity and personal choice. Mankind has become their own God determining for themselves what is right and what is wrong, what is good or what is evil.

Instead of elevating the best instincts within us, we are descending into a "survival of the fittest mode" in a descent to our primordial and animalistic leanings. Society is becoming less civilized and more antagonistic.

We are in awe when kindness raises its Godly head and we see, as we did in the San Bernardino, California terror onslaught a man shield a young woman beneath him taking a bullet for her and sacrificing his own life.

People of integrity and basic goodness are everywhere. Imagine if their concerted efforts at making the world a better place were concentrated or unified. There would be enough energy and strength to conquer our enemies, to repair and build the tearing fabric of our society. Prayer can also be a unifying force. Each of us in our separate homes asking our divine creator to heal our land and to mend our broken fences.

"Americana" acrylic on canvas
Some people would rather be hip and cool and declare that they are "not religious" or that they don't believe in a God who could cause such bad things to happen. My friends it is us who causes bad things to happen. We are given the gift of free agency, and we can use it for good or for evil. It's all about choice and turning our hatred into gratitude, and our mourning into forgiveness. Being dependent on God's grace and unconditional love is not a burden, but an indwelling strength for believers.

Whatever guides your life, learn to recognize who your real enemies are and not defame or condemn the people who seek to support and help you.