Monday, February 29, 2016

Home Décor Trending Natural and Exotic

I love to nurse my morning cup of coffee while reading the newspaper. In the “Home Section” the trending accents are natural and exotic; a way to temper the modern geometric patterns and shapes of the present.

There’s nothing like wood and wood tones to anchor the run-away-dizziness of today’s busy patterns and blockiness. Natural woods and round shapes provide a bold statement while adding an element of curviness and softness to angular designs.

According to Mark Stewart of “The News Press” in Fort Myers, Florida, the perfect wood comes from reclaimed forests where unusual wood grains and shapes are found. This wood inspires unusual shapes for tables and functional furniture.

The “Associated Press” in an article by Beth J. Harpaz discussed the renewed popularity of “Molas,” a unique textile created in the Panama region by the Kuna people. Although China and other countries are trying to duplicate the process, if you want something authentic, look for the Kuna label.

Originally Molas were used as body art. Eventually they were made into cloth squares and turned into clothing. The process is a layering of different colored fabric, which is then cut away in a reverse appliqué technique.

Unlike the appliqué many of our mother’s did in the past to make delicate tablecloths, Kuna appliqué combines many layers rather than one. Little by little fabric is clipped away and the edges stitched to hold them down and to keep them from fraying.

Very much in demand, Molas have a folk art appeal, and are a natural and colorful way to brighten your home.

I’m a big collector of unusual woods and woody seeds and pods. I’ve also painted masks on woody palm fronds. Now I’m thinking I should polish the fronds and leave the wood natural; perhaps painting a delicate scene or using a stain on an all natural mask as the African’s do.

Keep your eyes peeled and reclaim some of the natural woods near your home. It may surprise you what you can restore and turn into something beautiful. So next time you create – think wood; think natural.

Contemporary furniture almost demands wood tones and grains to bring them down to earth and create warmth. Wood floors are not the only way to add this natural appeal. Wall art and furniture are a secondary way to bring the outdoors inside. The addition of color and live green plants are the perfect balance to complement leather furniture and modern creations.